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We offer the following online courses
Continuing Course
Course Title:Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Personnel Issues
1. Personnel Issues (2.30 Hours)
Amount : $125.00

General Management Topics Part-1
1. General Management Topics Part-1 (2 Hours)
Amount : $100.00

General Management Topics Part-2
1. General Management Topics Part-2 (2 Hours)
Amount : $100.00

Patient Care Issues Part-1
1. Patient Care Issues Part-1 (2 Hours)
Amount : $100.00

Patient Care Issues Part-2
1. Patient Care Issues Part-2 (2 Hours)
Amount : $100.00

Health and Safety Code
1. Health and Safety Code (1 Hours)
Amount : $50.00

Medicare Oasis
1. Medicare Oasis (1.30 Hours)
Amount : $75.00

Agency Administration
1. Agency Administration (2.30 Hours)
Amount : $125.00

1. Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (45 Mins)
Amount : $19.99

Universal Precautions
1. Universal Precautions (45 Mins)
Amount : $19.99

Bloodborne Pathogens
1. Bloodborne Pathogens (45 Mins)
Amount : $19.99

Age-Specific Care
1. Age-Specific Care (1 Hours)
Amount : $29.99

Proper Lifting Techniques
1. Proper Lifting Techniques (45 Mins)
Amount : $19.99

Validity:30 days

Note to Training Participants

Participants are able to take these Courses over a 30 day period. You will be able to continue your course where you left off. With completion of each Module, you will have an ungraded test, after which you can print your Certificate. Five days before Expiration of incomplete Courses, you will receive and email from us, reminding you to complete your Course Module. All payments are Non-Refundable.

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